Kit Builder Items

The CH-640 is available in stages, start with the rudder kit and get your feet wet, Zenair even offers a weekend rudder workshop to get you started.

Introductory Starter Kit For The First-Time Builder

And here is the finish line, a new CH-640 gets its wings…..

Mark Burrows Kitlog Site very nice detailed log of his build

The Matronics forum(check older pages for relevant posts)

The Matronics archive of old posts is worth a read, many items of interest.

interesting post from that archive, Steve Adams built a quick build Ch-640.

May 01, 2008
      I am one of the 5 completed and flying, serial number 52, finished almost 3 years
      ago. With just over 600 hours, I probably have the most hours on the airframe
      other than the prototype. So far I have found no problems with the airframe
      and am very happy with the planes performance. 
      Steve Adams