Scratch Building

Scratch Building

Zenair is the worldwide parent distributor for the CH-640 plans and kits. Currently the CH-640 is the only scratch buildable 4 seat low wing airplane I`m aware of. The other main 4 seat contender being the high wing Bearhawk. The CH-801 is a great 4 seat plane but its only sold as a kit.

The Alarus/CH-2000 is a clipped wing version(and other modifications) of the CH-640. At current it is not in production, but you could inquire if you could build it from the CH-640 plans and see what they say.

If any builder is selling their CH-640 kit or shutting down their CH-640 website, please consider donating your build pictures and website to us. So we can archive it and make it available to future builders. There are so few that we cant afford to loose any.


This fan site features the 2 seat Alarus/CH-2000 FAA Certified Aircraft and its larger variant the 4 seat Ch-640 Kitplane.

You know if Vans RV ever built a 4 place aircraft it would probably look a lot like the CH-640…Oh wait!!

You can get hurt or killed falling off a ladder, slipping in the bathtub…etc… Flying a home built plane can have its hazards.  Follow construction norms, read instructions, get proper training and double check everything you read online.

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Small print from Zenair:
NOTE: While the ZODIAC CH 640 design is based on the Zenith CH 2000 type-certificated aircraft, the ZODIAC CH 640 design and kit is not certified, certificated or approved by the FAA.  The ZODIAC CH 640 is being offered as a kit, to be constructed by the owner as an amateur-built “experimental” aircraft.




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